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Gender Management Project ? support of equal opportunities of men and women in the Czech Republic

Question of equal opportunities of men and women is recently attracting more and more attention and consequently it is more difficult to become oriented and find information you need. Also there is a rising need for concrete techniques that can be realized in a practice. In the reaction we decided to create an internet portal, which would be specifically devoted to the question on equal opportunities of women and man in labor market, especially considering gender sensitive human resources management.

The project Gender management was aimed to serve as a place where you can find translations of interesting foreign studies that inform about practical usage of various tools, which enable promotion of equal opportunities of women and men. Displayed articles cover besides the area of women support also the topic of family friendly working environment and work ? life balance, so they are interesting above all for parents.

We do not want to restrict our activities to translation of foreign studies, because it is obvious some experiences are not transferable. So we encourage Czech employers as well as individuals to join the project and contribute with commentaries, tips or by providing other interesting information. We also offer space for presentation of experiences with realized projects or introduction of organizations, which support equal opportunities. This also applies for foreign companies that are kindly encouraged to cooperate with our project.

Let us briefly describe the structure of the webpage of the Gender management project:

Guidelines section offers basic steps that you can follow in introducing equal opportunities in several basic areas like: applying equal opportunities on every level, integration of parents and women support and promotion. For more specific information there are sections like ?best practices? which shows presentations of companies? actively promoting equal opportunities or ?documents? that provides more theoretical studies on the topics like gender mainstreaming.
Part called ?personal stories? is devoted to the employees and sharing their experiences.

Webpage further contains ?vocabulary?, which explains some specific terms like gender, equal chances or segregation of the labor market; ?links? which consists of most important Czech and also foreign internet addresses. Further information you can get in the part ?publication?, where you find a download file with our own brochure of chosen texts and also list of other available topic relevant publications.

Homepage of the project also contains ?news? section, which is providing information about current issues in the Czech Republic, like legislation updates, conferences and seminars, new publications etc. and also some foreign news, especially considering development within the European Union.

Project Gender management is realized under patronage of the Gender Centre of the School of Social Sciences Masaryk University in Brno and Gender information centre Nora and was supported by the Foundation OSF Prague. In the future project should be further developed within the newly establish non-governmental organization Gender Information Centre Nora.


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